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If you’ve never heard of this dude then grab a late pass. He was shooting good stuff back when I was still trying to decide which way to comb my hair. Recently spent some choice evenings with the man exploring the fluorescent streets and alleys of Bangkok. Always grateful for the opportunity to work along side a true master.


Napping on the street in a forty dollar suit from Tesco. Breaking windows with Maguire on tech scouts. Moonlighting at a Serbian restaurant in Mala Strana with Dasa and Jana. Smoking holes in my lungs with Gustav and making fun of Moravian drivers with Tomas. These were the best times in Prague. No collaborators allowed.

Photos Martin Vackar (The Best Art Director in Prague)


I have always done my best to avoid shooting in South Africa. Perhaps it was one to many Nelson Mandela t-shirts in the 80’s or just the 24hour flight without a cigarette. Cut to two jobs and six weeks of Cape Town. The place and the people blew my mind. Incredible crews and wonderful new friends. Officially the most black folks I have ever seen on a film set. Took weeks to get my head screwed on right again when I got back.


Here are the initial offerings from Chilly Nathan. Formerly N***Y Nathan, AKA “Chilly the Great”. New name, but same elegant style. Thank you Chilly.

Photos Neil Shapiro




All in all it was an interesting experience. Was amazing to see how many friends made it out from the west coast.Typically I don’t care much for art shows. But with a functioning Cafe Legs, a place to sit down and indoor smoking? Turned out pretty decent. At the end of it all I can no longer afford one of my own paintings and returned home to my day job.


Have taken some time away from work to prepare an art show. Suppose art is a strong word for it. None the less I have made a bunch of paintings that I will hang up along side my friend and colleague Todd James. Show opens  Nov. 13th at 560 Washington Street NY, NY 1001.


Came across this on Craigslist the other day. It is in fact my old 1970 Impala. Looks like someone has been playing bumper cars with it for the past several years. When I bought this car it was the most expensive car I had ever own. Picked it up from the original Roulette Spill Roulett som det bor spilles – Live dealere spinner hjulet og se at kulen lander pa ditt tall. owner for $1200. Paid someone $75 to heat the springs and another $150 to split the exhaust, then used it as my daily driver for the next five years. The large trunk was perfect for carting around a portable drafting table before we used Wacom tablets. Good times.

Photos   vgpkp-3013021473@sale.craigslist.org


Radio, battery, speakers and horn yanked out of an old Lada. Location Prague.

Photos Tim Maurice Jones